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Welcome to Lily Pily Farm


Here at Lily Pily Farm, we grow and create in season vegetable boxes (flowers, herbs, eggs and more to come)  direct from our farm to customers for 6 months of the year whilst regenerating the land we live on using the principles of biodynamics, regenerative agriculture and more. We grow for our community knowing that the food we grow is nutrient dense organic food that not only nourishes bodies, it does not cost the earth.

(Yes we mean that both metaphorically and physically)

We are a family of 5 who are regenerating a 30 acre property on the sunshine coast

Want to know how to get one of

these delicious vegi boxes? 

The Core Principles of This Farm 




Although not certified organic, this farm uses no chemicals or artifical fertilisers (ever) and the only things used are biodynamics, liquid gold (worms juice), rock minerals and seaweed. Good for the plants, good for you.



As this land has been overgrazed previously, the principles and application of biodynamics on this farm mean we are improving soil fertility, animal health and balancing the energy of the farm



We will leave this farm to our children and we aim to steward this land to the best of our ability and leave it in better stead than we found it. Regenerative means improving, rather than sustaining whats there.

Our Mission Statement Here At Lily Pily

To regenerate and work with this land to nourish our friends and local community with fresh nutrient dense foods, without costing the EARTH!

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