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Empower yourself to great health and wellness.
DIY workbooks for self sufficiency. 
Have you ever wanted to know the answers to the following....
  • Want to understand (really understand) how nutrition enhances your life and longevity?

  • Do you want to understand the golden rules of health and wellness?

  • Want to understand your body type know how to look after your physical body naturally ?

  • Do you often wonder if there really is a simple and easy way to understand health?

  • Want to understand healthy weight loss (and its got nothing to do with a diet?)

  • Would you like to sleep better, have great powerful and positive thoughts?

  • Do you want to know how to look after your mental wellbeing?

  • Do you want to be able to look after your family in acute health crisis using remedies found in your cupboard or garden?

  • Do you want to learn the skills and techniques that help you identify how healthy your body is and understand when its telling you it needs support?

If so then great, I can help. I have designed a series of workbooks that answer these questions and more in a simple and easy format Without the fluff!

As a mother who works full time, has many interests, commitments (well my kids do),  passions and aims to live a conscious, simple and self sustainable lifestyle, I understand how difficult it can be to find the time to research, read, visit or see health practitioners. It can take years to gain knowledge, to trial new remedies and apply age old traditions, to gain practical experience in natural and preventative health, learn first aid and grow your personal health tool kit as you and your children grow and situations present themselves. It can years to evolve your health and lifestyle to a more conscious one and to learn everything there is to know about the impacts society has on the environment and what to do about it. 

This is why I have designed my empower yourself to great health workbooks and the eco lifestyle workbook. The first workbook. 

The books are a little bit like having a health guru in your pocket. A degree in natural preventative health care within the pages. I have combined all the knowledge I have gained, trialled, researched, studied and explored over the last 18 years and put it into a book that educates, defines and simplifies this knowledge giving you all the information you need in a nut shell fashion.

The DIY guides to self sufficiency in health are broken into the following downloadable books: 

Understanding fundamentals of nutrition
The Fundamentals of Nutrition

A complete overview of nutritional principles in an easy to understand way thats designed to educate, inspire and help you identify how to make your food your medicine and medicine your food. This book has so many menu ideas, tips and helpful hints to ensure you succeed and is the book I wished I was given in my early twenties. Its everything I know put into a book just for you so you don't have to read the thousand of book and do a degree like i wanted to.

Knowing your body and how to maintain he
Knowing your Body and how to maintain health

This follows on and delves into the what you need to know about your body, about healing and the tools and strategies you can learn to understand tour body so you can work with it for your optimal health and longevity. Many diagnostic tools and tips on how to look after your body systems is included so you can become a body system ninja!

Physical health and wellbeing individual
Physical Health and wellbeing

Physical health, weight management and understanding your body type so your exercise regime can really have the most benefit is just a few of the topics covered in this book.  Its essential for health and yet people don't really understand why...... Well don't worry after this book you will know and you will feel empowered to move your body....

Copy of Mental wellbeing and all it enta
Mental health and wellbeing

The book which completes the whole health picture. Mental health is often overlooked when trying to understand health and wellness, longevity and energy... well not anymore. Its essential and this book covers aspect of how to incorporate good mental health strategies, protect your energy and empower you to have a good look at your life and any stressors that may be preventing you from enjoying your life..... and then do something about it! It also covers sleep.... 

Fundamentals of Nutrition and health for families

Coming soon!

A complete overview of nutritional principles and how child hood development and health well into their older years is affected by the nourishing in their early years. This book is easy to read, has very practical tips and is designed to educate, inspire and help you identify how to make your food your medicine and medicine your food for you and your family without the fluff.... its a resource you will want to keep handy.

family nutrition front cover.png

Coming soon!

Raising Families the natural way

This book follows the Fundamentals of nutrition and covers everything from understanding a healing crisis and illness to healthy habits, making lunch boxes, designing meals, understanding body types, looking after yourself as well as your children, the importance of rhythms and more.... its education packed, visual stunning and is everything i have been asked to put into a book by everyone that knows my parenting style... its all here in a nutshell book for you. 

first aid picture_edited.jpg
Natural First aid

Natural first aid is a great compliment to mainstream medication and also essential to know if you want to feel empowered and helpful in first aid situations in the home. This book outlines what the role of the parent is in first aid situations, and the multitude of natural remedies, herbs, oils and even things in your kitchen cupboard you could use for many many situations.

These workbooks are like having a Health guru in your back pocket!

it took me years to learn it all and compile it together in easy to understand formats. and now it can be yours in a series of workbooks! 
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Which one to choose.... I suggest starting from the top and working your way down....
These books are priced in a way that everyone can benefit from this knowledge if they choose to seek it! that is my wish..... for everyone to know the golden rules of health and wellness
family nutrition front cover.png

The Books are out... well some of them.  Follow the link below, purchase, download and dive into the knowledge knowing you are going to educated and inspired.....

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More book released every month in 2019 until they all out for the benefit of all.....
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