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5 day simple cleanse!

Easy cleanse do to whilst working and parenting.

I wanted to share a very simple cleanse I do when I’m in the midst of parenting/working and or on holidays and do not want to create a healing crisis, I just want to give my body a rest. I do this when I feel my body needs a reset, a break and some nourishment. The hardest thing about cleansing or detoxing if; You are a busy parent having to cook for others (the temptation can be too great sometimes), you are breastfeeding, you cannot take 3 days to just drink juice or go on a retreat etc. and really go deep, your commitments and job require energy so you need sustenance. So this is something you can do and it’s achievable. The aim is to give the body a break from all foods that are rich or heavy reducing the load of your elimination organs but you can functional like normal. It's a no brainer…. This is exactly what I am doing all this week.

On waking: 2-3 glasses water with lemon juice squeezed in

Breakfast: Fresh vegetable juice or green smoothie

Lunch: Super green salad, loaded with sprouts, yummy vegetables, fermented foods and some nuts and seeds sprinkled on top. (Have lunch earlier if needed) with home made dressing/vinagrette

Snack: Herbal tea, smoothie, piece of fruit

Dinner: Brown rice with steamed vegetables with some tamari

Drinks: Lots and lots of water, herbal tea, miso soup (not packet miso), vegetables broth or chicken bone broth

Supplements: the following supplements are great to do on a cleanse like this. A good quality multi vitamin, chlorophyll drink or green powders (I recommend vital greens) digestive enzymes (if you feel your digestion has been sluggish) take 2 at lunch and dinner.

During this 5 days, I take a break from high intensity exercise and I just try to sit and rest when I can.

Avoid: all dairy products, heavy proteins, sugar in all its forms, take a break from fruit, all refined foods, coffee, caffeinated tea.


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