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Let's talk gut health

Any one ever discussed their bowel movements at dinner?

My second book has been launched and is now available online. And I wanted to explain the dedication section right at the start of the book as it might seem slightly odd to those new to natural health and wellness. It is dedicated to all those friends and people out there who have on occasions discussed their bowel movements at the dinner table as if the topic is a casual as talking about the weather! Are you one of those people?

I have had over the years some classic conversations at the dinner table and depending on the company you never know where the topic will go and some of them are just downright hilarious, others a little more taboo. And bowel conversations are a little more on the taboo topic but never the less enlightening, often hilarious and entertaining. And I’m not suggesting that tonight whilst munching your beautiful hand crafted salad that you describe in detail your last bowel movement to your unsuspecting family or partner cause that's just too far and will possibly ruin the meal and test your credibility ratings amongst your family. However having discussions around your health is not a meal ruiner, it's an empowering and open way to honour your health. And I repeat, this is not a daily dinner conversation, it’s just happen numerous times in my life that it was worthy of a dedication to those like me.

Now hear me out on why this topic should be no different to others we have. For starters everyone is pretty aware that gut health is a hot topic right now, and how fundamental gut health is to overall health and wellbeing. Well the good old bowel movement is the free diagnostic tool that tells you so many things about how your gut is going. There is a wonderful chart called the Bristol stool chart (I included a whole section on becoming a poo expert in my new book with a great chart and explanation section) created by the Bristol Royal Infirmary as a clinical assessment tool in 1997 which helped in identifying various bowel diseases. Basically the chart explains 7 types of stools and has explanations on what they all indicate in terms of water, gut health and transit time. Now many practitioner use it and is also a really cool tool to use at home to help you identify if you or your children’s stools are not great, you can seek help. There is some great versions of this chart online (like the xmas stool chart… bloody hilarious but don't look it up or you will never want to eat xmas lunch again).

One get yourself acquainted with the stool chart and find out how your gut is going you will be amazed at what you learn about your gut health. In addition to this new found knowledge…….when the conversation turns to health at the table, when it occasionally does, you will have the ability to take the conversation to a while new level if needed and you will do so knowing your are now an immortal member of the dedication I wrote at the start of my book.

If you would like to know more about becoming a poop expert, understanding what your nails, tongue and even facial signs can tell you about your health, head to……

Yours in health



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