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My natural flu remedies!

Here's my SECRETS to treating the flu NATURALLY...

Well for starters it’s a virus so a virus has to be overcome by your elite fighter system of defensive immune system in simple terms. It has to build the antibodies needed to overcome the specific virus. Unfortunately viruses are adaptive and changing so the flu you may have got two years ago and the antibodies your body so cleverly created and stored to fight that exact virus are useless in this instance….. Bugger huh?

SO... WHAT DO DO if you would like to treat your flu naturally. This list is similar to my prevention list but with a few specifics and the most important and a forgotten aspect of flus is to rebuild your immune system afterwards.

🌿 1. REST: I know it’s hard if you have little ones, but rest as much as you can. It the best healer. Surrender and don’t try to fight it or “get stuff done”… rest…rest…rest! Hand the responsibility for others to someone else if you can. The sooner you are better the sooner you can get back on track, if you prolong it, you will be under for longer.

🌿 2. HOMEOPATHICALLY: Gelsemium 30 if the main remedy for flu’s: achy joints, heavy head, low grade fever, exhaustion etc. taken in 30x potency (2 pills) 3-4 times per day can go a long way in reducing symptoms. For other remedies see your homeopath.

🌿 3. BROTHS and stews and fresh vegetable juices are your immune boosting foods. include ginger, turmeric, garlic, chillies, lemons, limes etc.

🌿 4. AVOID sugar, dairy, eggs, tofu and soy products. Don’t make your body work hard to digest and breakdown foods when it already is busy trying to create antibodies to get you better. Lay off the mucus forming ad heavy foods.

🌿 5. SUPPLEMENTS. Keep those favourite supplements going: vitamin C and Zinc great for supporting immune system, as are herbal immune boosting herbs and complexes and tonics. Use your fav ones

🌿 6. DIFFUSER. Use an easy breathe or On Guard blend (Doterra brand, or eucalyptus in a diffuser to keep air clean and help you breather and keep away those germs.

Cold and flus’ can be tricky to manage due to nature of changing symptoms and stages one experiences. Just remember. If you support your immune system, it will do its job… if it develops into a chest infection see a specialist.

THE CLEAN UP: After a flu, rebuild your body: 🌿 Don’t rush out full guns charging…. Reintegrate slowly. 🌿 Eat well and you may find you are hungry. Nourish your body with good foods, do not fall into the trap of unhealthy eating, it’s like a fresh start. 🌿 Exercise lightly and increase slowly so your body moves and strengthens. Get those lungs breathing by breathing deeply on regular basis and getting outside for fresh air. 🌿 Take your multi vitamin daily 🌿 Ensure you are eating prebiotic foods to feed your beneficial microbes and take a probiotic to replenish the good guys in your gut.

PLEASE SHARE with your friends and family and here's to long living immune systems! 💪

Sarah xx


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