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The low down on taking supplements

I have dedicated a whole two pages in my first workbook The Fundamentals Of Nutrition to ensure you know the many things to look for and understand when purchasing and taking supplements. One of these points is when to take supplements? I remember watching adults around me take a concoction of nutritional supplements all together when I was younger and I thought this was normal. It wasn't until I studied nutritional medicine I realised that there is actually a good time and a not so good time to take certain supplements:

Some supplements are required to be taken away from food or other nutrients as they either compete or require different environments within the body for absorption? So by understanding when to take a supplement you are increasing the odds of effective absorption and reap the benefits.

For example here’s a snippet of the list: •Fat soluble vitamins (vitamin A and E) are best taken with other dietary fats (avocados) for absorption •Vitamin B is best taken with breakfast in the morning •Calcium and magnesium best taken at night or before bed •Zinc, calcium and iron have a interesting relationship and as such are best taken away from each other, Zinc with food, iron on empty stomach and have some vitamin C food source to increase absorption.

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