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Understanding the Fundamentals of Nutrition E-book

Understanding the Fundamentals of Nutrition is part 1of a series of 5 DIY workbooks that break down, simplify and teach the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to be self sufficent in the majority of your families health needs.


The fundamentals of nutrition covers not only the essential nutrients and how to include them in their whole and purest state for ultimate health (Including menu plans, meal ideas and many practical tips), but also covers super foods, how and when to take supplements, understanding food confusion, the difference between intolerances to food and true allergies, what the golden rules are for a whole food diet, how to asses if a diet is working for you, and breaking it all down into super easy practical steps.


If you are interested in really understanding health and how you can empower yourself and your family to great health, then grab this gem of a resource and get learning. 


Format:  A4 Digital e-book pdf

Pages: 49

Delivered: Downloadable in pdf format once you've completed your purchase

Understanding the Fundamentals of Nutrition E-book

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