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Our fresh seasonal boxes

Our farm offers a unique seasonal box subscription service that allows you to not only enjoy the freshest and most sustainably grown produce on a regular basis but be part of the growing process too so your more connected to your food than ever. By committing to three plantings each season, you'll receive a variety of delicious vegetables, and herbs harvested straight from our farm. Sign up now to experience the benefits of our regenerative practices and support local agriculture!


How do you get one of these boxes.
Please note there is a cap on 20 families in 2024


Read Rules of box engagement below

Sign up by clicking below and completing order form 

Commit to the season 

Come for three plantings 

Help put gardens to rest

Enjoy fresh vegetables and more for 20+ weeks

How our vegi boxes are different from your normal CSA boxes 

This farm vegi box scheme is different to your normal Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) where you pay up front for the whole season. We understand that this is not always easy to pay upfront in these current times with small families and such. Further more CSA farms run with a group of farmers, interns and volunteers. Lily Pily market gardens is run by Sarah (with the occasional help from the kids and husband) and as we are a very small farm in its pioneering years, capital is low and we do not have the funds to employ people.


So to keep costs down for you the consumer, and to get the gardens up and runnings we are doing things uniquely. You have the opportunity to pay a deposit and then via direct debit or a upfront seasonal amount which offers seed money to get the season started. And then on top of this, to really be a part of the food you eat you (and your family) come and help with the planting of the seasons crops and putting them to bed at end of the season. Its a win win situation.

Further more there are some crops that are very hard to grow so there is options for a few things to be sourced from local farmers or from other organic suppliers as an optional. See below for rules of box engagement


Whats in a box?

12-15 organic, biodynamic and spray free in season vegetables from the farm 

A recipe or two

Maybe even some bonus's

And optional extras to purchase including honey, eggs  and more

Vegetables grown at Lily Pily

Asian greens














Rainbow chard



Snow peas


Sweet potato





Rules of box engagement

  • Sign up and register by paying deposit to secure spot and provide seed money by due date 15/02/24

  • Turn up to three plantings (You are welcome to bring whole family, but please note you are responsible for them whilst they are here. Lily Pily is a working farm and therefore machinery, tools and equipment that are not suitable to play on around the property as well as large dams and water courses)

  • Each week you are responsible for returning your box ready for the following week (If delivered then it has to be at front door), If picking up then bring with you.  Boxes must be back by Wednesday at the latest.

  • Any extra invoices for extra produce to be paid within 7 days

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