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Would you like to work with me one on one to uncover your ultimate health?

I would love to work with you!

I am known for my positive and inspiring energy, my balanced and down to earth practical approach to healthy living and for the sense of humour and fun that follows me everywhere. I have a unique way of making everyone feel like they have known me for years. My outlook on life combined with my years of experience in living a healthy lifestyle has provided me with a wide range of skills to meet the needs of my clients in a nourishing and empowering way

I have a keen interest in

Overall lifestyle health analysis

Managing health conditions 

Natural medicine first aid

Digestive health

Mental health and wellbeing

Children and childhood first aid

Want to know what I do and how I can help you 

Read on below to find out exactly what you can get out of working with me one on one. 


I am currently offering

Nutrition and wellness consultations

via face to face, phone or skype

Txt 0438848242

or email:

Take control of your health and wellness and make an appointment. it could change your life.

What is a nutritionist?
What does a consultation look like?
What treatments do I use?
Whats expected of a client?

What is a Nutritionist?

As a registered practitioner I am trained in the art of understanding and implementing whole foods  supplements or nutrients to nourish, heal or manage health. As the father of modern medicine once famously quoted. "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food" (Hippocrates you legend)! Mainstream medicine does not emphasise the significance of poor nutrition and lifestyle choices as a major cause of a wide range of health disorders. Nor does preventative medicine achieved through diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle habits get the credit it deserves for being the key to health, happiness and longevity. As a nutritionist, I guide clients through the maze of health information and work with client to identify, correct any nutritional causes of disease, remove obstacles preventing healing and create practical programs that optimise health. 

What is health and wellness coaching?

In addition to analysing and creating a health plan, to reach optimal results one needs to find the motivation and instil habits that support a healthy lifestyle. Many clients know what they need to do, or have the knowledge, but don't always act and as a result don't reach their health goals. By intertwining coaching into consultations we can unravel any limiting patterns that prevent you from following your path to wellness and keep you accountable, harness your motivation and set achievable goals.  Change takes time and having someone to support you and walk through the changes with you can make the difference. 

What does a consultation look like?

Nutritionists are trained to treat the whole person. I investigate at depth the whole person, not only the reason (condition or symptoms) one seeks help for. This includes current diet, lifestyle, environmental factors,  patterns of behaviours, beliefs as well as symptoms and current conditions.  In addition to clinical signs and symptoms,  a variety of assessments are used.  Traditional assessments (iridology, nail and hair analysis) alongside diagnostic and functional testing (blood tests, hormone profiles, stool samples etc) provides a comprehensive view of health and wellness and from this a plan is devised to balance the body and bring back a state of health and wellness.  The aim is to identify, treat and focus on both short term health and long term solutions. Treatments are a mixture of age old traditional medicines and up to date evidence based medicine. 


What treatments do I use?

Treatments may include diet advice, supplements or remedies (flower essences, homeopathics, tissue salts), lifestyle recommendations, referrals to other health practitioners and education. This is then enhanced through finding you're motivating factors, setting goals and changing habits. 

What is required by a client?

In order for change to occur, it is important that you come with an open mind, be realistic and truthful about your state of health, have a willingness to try something new and be okay with stepping out of your comfort zone for a little bit. To be aware that change is a process and unlike the medical professional that offers a pill to take away a symptom (not always, I have worked with incredible doctors over the years), natural medicine focuses on healing the root cause and so therefore may take a little longer. One must realise that health is a life time endeavour and not something you can do for 1 month and then expect life long results.  As Hippocrates once said: "If someone wished for good health, one must first ask themselves if he is ready to do away with the reasons for his illness. Only then is it possible to help him".  (See I told you, absolute legend that Hippocrates!)


Booking an appointment:  

Once you have made a booking, you will be sent a comprehensive questionnaire to be completed and sent back before the initial consultation. This provides an over view of your current state of health and wellness, all signs, symptoms, previous history and family health conditions. It is very comprehensive and this has 2 benefits. It  A: Saves time and you pennies as this is usually done in a consultation and B: Allows me to see where we can focus and delve deeper into areas needing adjustment or balance when we have our first initial consultation.  

Types of appointments:

Initial wellness consultation: Available via Skype and phone. Usually 1 hour long. Comprehensive appointment in which your comprehensive questionnaire is combined with further investigations that will enable me to understand your needs and health goals. Following this initial consultation I will email you (depending on the level of need) a tailored individual health plan. If supplementation, remedies, or testing is required this can be arranged via distance or you will be directed toward your nearest health food store or practitioner.   Price: $80.00


Follow up wellness consultation: Available via Skype and phone. 20-40 mins long. Follow ups are recommended 2-4 weeks after the initial consultation. During this consultation, your progress will be checked, questions will be answered, the plan can be adapted or increased and deeper investigations may be explored to enhance the healing process.  Price: $60.00

Email consult: This is a unique and ideal method for those who prefer email, are time poor or want general advice and recommendations from a qualified professional without the cost of a full appointment.  Useful for those wanting advice, a basic diet overview, recommendations for a specific condition or if you have completed one of my workbooks and want a professional to double check the individual blueprint. Depending on enquiry, clients can expect a turn around within 2 weeks. Price: $40-80.00

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