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Knowing Your Body and How to Maintain Health E-book

This book is the sequal to the Fundamental of Nutiriton in which it follows on from understanding nutrition and its relation to being the basis for great health.  This book covers the basics of understanding your body systems and why one needs to be able to distinguish when the body is doings its work to restore balance and harmony, the diagnostic tools and strategies for you to learn that teach you to deepen your abilities to observe, feel and know when you need to change or adpat to ensure health. Topics covered include, digestive system health, immune system, detoxing and elimination systems, understanding cravings and what they tell you, how to become a poop expert, knowing your nails and even what your nails indicate and many, many more insights, tools and strategies to become an empowered individual who works with their body not against it. 


Format:  A4 Digital e-book pdf

Pages: 39

Delivered: Downloadable in pdf format once you've completed your purchase


Knowing Your Body and How to Maintain Health E-book

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