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Cultivating an attitude of gratitude

The first blog: Might as well start with cultivating an attitude of gratitude and how this simple way of being is crucial to the health of your body, your soul and the planet?  I am feeling pretty full of gratitude right now and by sending off this first post and the opening of my website and business (there's actually a ton of firsts happening right now) i have a lot to be grateful for. Now back to the point. You might be thinking what.... how can cultivating an attitude help the planet. EASY. A waterfall start with one drop of water........ When you start a day with gratitude and live your life with this attitude, you begin to appreciate the simple things, you cherish the simple things, and this is infectious. Before you know it, everyone around you will want to cultivate gratitude too.... then as whole communities embrace this, the level of consciousness rises and this in turn means healthy community. So therefor a healthy planet. 

How does one cultivate an attitude of gratitude?

Write a list of all the things you are grateful for on a big scale. This could include your parents, your home you grew up in, friends, your favourite dog, your bed, your ability afford something, your children, etc. etc. Put this in a visible areas so you see it on a regular basis. It reminds us to be grateful for those things that have shaped us, that are in teh past and that are now in the present

Begin each day with gratitude. When you awake name three things you are looking forward to or three things you are grateful for. setting the day with intention and gratitude has powerful effects throughout the day.

Make a habit of playing a gratitude game at dinner. At the end of a meal go around the table and get everyone to state at least 3 things they have achieved, are grateful for or for things that have made then happy throughout the day. Not only do you really need to think, but its great seeing what makes other happy too.

Have a gratitude jar. Having a large glass jar with a little notepad and pencil by it somewhere in your lounge room. Every time something amazing happens, someone achieves something or you feel grateful, write a note about this and once per month pull them out and have a read. Great to do this at xmas and new years eve. 

End each day with gratitude. Before you go to sleep, just take note of the things that you are grateful for. Completing this combined with a daily review (where you go over days events in reverse, ill explain another day) can send you off to dream land with a heart full of love and a mind that is at peace. 

Get perspective. When you engage with the world, through talking to people, participating in community events and perhaps being involved with those less fortunate, one gets to constantly remind themselves how lucky they might be. Having perspective means when you are having a bad day, you can remember those less fortunate and find solutions and be proactive and realistic rather than crumble. it builds emotional resilience being grateful. 

End each year with reflection and gratitude. Something i do every year, in the week leading up to new years i complete a series if question to reflect on the year gone, what worked, what didn't, what i am grateful for, what achievements and things i am proud of. once you have completed this you then invoke the new year by planning, dreaming and setting yourself new goals.


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