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Reasons to ditch the morning coffee!

I know it's a scary thought 😱... but read on!!

☕️ Coffee is a diuretic which increases water to be eliminated from the body leads to dehydration and nutrient losses (salts and electrolytes) ☕️ Coffee decreases appetite leading to low blood sugar, fatigue or energy slumps later on in the morning which can increase cravings. ☕️ Coffee cannot replace a nutritious healthy breakfast that will supply much needed nutrients for days activities. ☕️ Studies have found that having less coffee one has better sleep, better mood, decrease anxiety and reduction in headaches in some people. ☕️ 1 coffee per day has health benefits. More than that can be detrimental to health long term. Try substituting herbal tea, or dandelion for the remaining cups.

Lots of ideas and alternatives for GREAT nutritious morning options here! 👉👉


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